I am required to do this as part of course requirements.  

Not that I mind, really;  in fact I have been meaning to start a blog “sometime” for over a year.  As an opinionated, highly creative and intelligent person with “Renaissance Man” width of interest, I do feel like airing my views – especially when I see some of the narrow perspective comments given prominence lately.

The trouble is,

I am not sure that the World needs , or wants, or would be happy to hear my views.  I know there is a lot I don’t know, and sometimes I speak beyond the evidence.

Then again, there were national decisions made in the 1980s which I spoke against,   and which have resulted in serious challenges now.   When telemarketers tried to get me to bet my house on the stock market, I laughed at them.   Heck, I lived through the seventies as a teenager and did not fry my brain; through the eighties and did not buy into “greed is good”, through the nineties and did not die of boredom, through the oughties and did not stop living to play on console games.

And I am, really, really amazing when you get to know me  –

even if I can’t get past the third level of Microsoft Pinball.


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