Internet in Education

This morning I heard an interview on Radio National (our public broadcaster) about brain-training exercises.

Now, the presenter has barely two neurones to rub together, but the guest didn’t strike me as quite the sales-rep that I had suspected, so I Googled – wrong spelling, but the search kindly brought up her name too.  From general Google I went to Scholar, to check for publications by or citing her.

There was an article which made me think she had expert knowledge, so I searched for “Martha S. Burns ” . It seemed that a lot of the sites she is linked with have her in their hierarchy – but then, if she is heavy-duty that might happen. One of the sites which was independent, the Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa, encouraged me, as she lives in Illinois. She produced the “Burns Brief Inventory of Communication and Cognition (Burns Inventory)”, and that shows up as used by researchers in Google Scholar.

Less than an hour, and I had decided to look at the software she recommends – not knowing what the software was.

I don’t have time to look at her sites today, but I expect that the interwebs will have lots of shiney toys for me when I do.

Damn, I love this tool:  I started my first degree in the late 1970s – it’s like the difference between a woodchip burning bath-heater and instant gas hot water, only better.


One Response to “Internet in Education”

  1. Mark Pegrum Says:

    I like your woodchip/gas hot water analogy. It’s amazing what you can find out there once your interest is sparked. Maybe that’s one of the keys – finding ways to spark students’ interest within an inquiry-based or problem- based learning model.

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