zeropunctuation: cognitive dissonance

To start with, you need to know that I am a fifty-something, literate (I think the title would help you guess that) white female.  I don’t use expletives beyond “drat” and “poot” in my daily life, reserving them for emotional release under extreme stress.  I don’t let my children use them loosely either.

I do not find childish drawings of potty-humour entertaining.  Ever.

I don’t play computer strategy, or shootemup, or quest, or MMOG games – I still haven’t got past third level on Space Cadet pinball.  However, I have spent hours watching people play and (when they can spare the attention) learning about their game play choices and the game aspects they enjoy.  Despite this, there is no way I would want to buy a game, or discuss the potential of a new release.

So why do I use Yahtzee’s reviews as a reward for doing things-I-know-I should-but-don’t-want-to?  Why do I let my family download it to our home computer?      Why do I wish the cultural norms would permit this foul-mouthed, crassly illustrated material into school at year 6 / 7 level?

Partly, because it is genius at work.  No literacy example I have seen in school materials matches it for sheer and vibrant critical effect.

Mainly, it is because it makes me both laugh and appreciate the existence of such talent, even in my blackest moods.


February 2011: still true.


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