Smartboards again

Whilst listening to Kate Grenville I thought:

If, as she said, remote-area Aboriginal children have a communal approach (“We went” )  as their default thinking path,  and solitary reading is therefore not culturally comfortable,   smartboard-based group use of sites may make the web learning more accessable.  The individual facing a new site is as isolated as it gets.  This tracks directly to group reading of big books or identical texts in the class, too.

2 Responses to “Smartboards again”

  1. Matt Outred Says:

    I’ve seen class readings and group readings being done on the interactive whiteboards – it’s fantastic because difficult words can easily be highlight or removed from the text for later use. The advantage of the SmartBoards is that active thinking can be instantaneous with visual (and tactile) cues, rather than with time being spent for students to organise paper and pens/pencils to write down something they’ve come across whilst reading – although I in no way talk down the benefit of doing that – it is, after all how I learnt to do things.

    • erasmid Says:

      In use for class readings, linking Smartboard to online resources also gives the ability to have the class ask for definitions / explanations / fact-checking, find them online, and return to the text – get them into the custom of serious readers : don’t just guess the meaning or doubt the facts as claimed, check them, and perhaps make notes for a class / school resource or footnote the text they are using. I was thinking of doing that with a text on Alfred the Great, where the story is a ripper but some of the claims are dated / mythic. Looks like web 2.0 again …

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