On Wikipedia

Wikipedian protestor

My reflection:  What are we teaching them?  How will the outside world cope with young adults who want the citations, check claims  against other sources, and engage in reasoned argument?
(It is alive!!!    Bwaahh Haaaa Haaa – They said I was mad, mad, am I?!   I’ll show them, I’ll show them all!!! ….)


3 Responses to “ On Wikipedia”

  1. Averil Riley Says:

    I love the cartoon.
    I understand why it is important to aknowledge the source of any content on blog pages that is not original , however, in APA referencing you can cite personal communication and give the name of a colleague. Hardly traceable or reliable.

    I had a look at the UWA APA information on web sources at APA

    Its an interesting dilemma when the author uses an alias isn’t it?

  2. Mark Pegrum Says:

    I second Averil – great cartoon! Consider adding a caption with the full attribution and a hyperlink to the original.

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