Back to Walled Gardens

I expect that all novice teachers would like help and advice  from more experienced teachers – but how do you get that as a relief teacher?

Many schools have online curriculum-linked planning tools, but what do you do when you are not a member of Staff?

SSTUWA (our School Teachers’ Union) has members’ access to “Curriculum Organiser”, which their website calls “TOPS” .  It has folders in year level with  integrated units, graphic organisers, schedule planners, assessment guides, and   individual subjects with subfolders  such as scope and sequence statements , examples of year teaching programs, rubrics  … many free to copy donations of work from other teachers. 

It includes tools for combining these and external resources to make your own resources online, and to share them with others.

That is handy.

The Union site also has members chat areas,  and the other usual interest group website facilities.  Very reassuring for an isolated new teacher.

The great part is, membership in SSTUWA is free for student teachers until the end of the year that they finish the course, so you can get to know it before you hit the schools as a novice.   On-line registration is clunky but possible, or you can print the form then post it, and there is the in-person option in their Perth office. 

I know I am a bit Left in my views, which may put you off joining the Union, but don’t let my biases stop you benefiting from free access to a useful site.


2 Responses to “Back to Walled Gardens”

  1. Simon Kidd Says:

    Thanks Julie – useful to know.

  2. Mary Says:

    Thanks, Julie 🙂 That would be great for the ATP!

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