Masterclasses in vodcasting

I like the way many craft teachers show a completed article, show its use, show the needed skill at full speed, then break down the skill into small, slow-motion steps.  We do something similar in teaching literacy:  read to pre-verbal children as well as to primary classes;  introduce very well written texts and use them in class exercises (well, yes, I have seen terrible trash used in class exercises …);  while the students are learning the basics write for the class then write with the class.  Very Vygotsky.

So why do so many teachers talk as though they go straight to making podcasts and vodcasts?  I expect that they have used internet resources with the students, and used offline resources in similar ways.  I am not so sure that they have explicitly analysed for (or with) their students the good and bad points of these resources as products, or examined the mechanics of making them.

This may lead to a division in understandings: between those whose families discuss the techniques used in multimedia, who watch “The Chaser” (link to their video “say no to ads”)and “Hungry Beast” (link to their video report on google) and time-shift them (record or iView) for their kids to see – and those who just watch.  I wonder whether one could get permission to make an “extracts “ DVD, for school use, of the Chaser’s series on the film techniques of current affairs programmes?  Maybe they have / can make one – well, I’ve emailed them to ask, since it’s not listed in their DVD list.

One Response to “Masterclasses in vodcasting”

  1. Mark Pegrum Says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what kind of response you get from The Chasers. It should be possible in principle – I believe it is generally permissible to use recordings of free-to-air material for educational purposes in the classroom.

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