Net Triangulation demonstrations banjaxed

One of the approaches to net-usage that sounds easy is “triangulation”  in hunting out info on a topic where one is ignorant.

The trouble is, surveying by line-of-sight in a valley doesn’t give one any idea of the lay of the land in the wider world.  Surveying from Mt Everest won’t tell you much about Australia, either.  Metaphorically speaking.  So, kids have to learn to choose their triangulation points.

That’s where the apprenticeship side of it comes in.

So there you are, having pre-tested a search to be sure the class falls into the “useful learning” trap, or finds the great website –

and some (expletive deleted) programmer has set up a “helpful” heuristic prog, so your students’ machines get different results ….

So, now we need a guaranteed “blank slate” search engine.   What are the odds you’ll have to pay for access …


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