Better Than Life

Just for fun

Real life is for those who can’t take RPGs.
There are some great artists out there.


2 Responses to “Better Than Life”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hilarious! I have friends that sit on World of Warcraft for hours playing their game through avatars. One friend is actually known because his avatar is one of the top players.

    • erasmid Says:

      One player I know is proufoundly disabled (not WOW player, another long / complex thing) and loves the freedom it brings. I think access to better-than-life-schools and adventures has great potential for those with speech difficulties, bedbound, stuck in hospital, on dialysis … and with the remte localities getting more web-access, it has the potential to provide a better mental escape than can petrol of alcohol. Fun, but with a really useful side.

      Also, I was interested to see The Guild cosplay: they love their avatars, but are confident enough to do the performance in their real-world bodies. Do your friends have that personal cetainty? Does the level of self-assuredness depend on social standing in their on-line community?

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