Making a video for YouTube

So, as a person whose previous use of digital cameras was using someone else’s to “point and click” I borrowed a digital camera (less than $300 worth, “just a camera” in the shops, but it can record sound to images) on a tripod, and made a wee video.

A script, storyboard, props and spare props, a hand with the stagework …

Then there was learning to edit a low quality sound-track, boosting some sounds, deleting others, getting a microphone to work (the preferred computer still despises it) ,  recording voice to pc and dubbing the new sound over where  the original had a really bad bit.

The art of making scene divisions and fade effects was another new game.  Interesting how different people find different effects make them feel anxious or unwell – material for a class activity there.

Making the video was interesting, but getting it to load on youtube was a pain.  I had, in the past, made a login in Google but abandoned it part-way through, so when I tried to start again it wouldn’t let me – very messy, eventually I wimped out and used another email ID.  That leaves the other ID to tidy later.

Then the DVD wouldn’t load to the web, although it plays on the Uni pc.  So I copied it to the PC, and tried from that file.  Still no joy : “Upload failed due to unknown error.”

(Thinks …)

Well, maybe it doesn’t like .avi files (of course, they are so common, naturally it hates them.)

So now I must learn how to change formats …

I bet that, if I do get it to work, there’ll be similar dramas linking it to my blog and wiki.  DAMN THESE LEARNING CURVES.  (yes, i know, it’s rude to shout, but really …)


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