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Search engines and profiling: where can you get a better profile?

April 22, 2012

Online awareness of a Famous Search Engine’s profiling of users – weighting search results to match the users’ previous interests – has grown, but I have yet to see advertised the response I wanted.  So I now suggest it (and someone might let me know if it is there already):

A site suited to targeted advertising, a site where users can search using a clone of a famous user’s search profile – profiles which cn be borrowed, but are not changed by the borrower’s actions.  The Vatican would probably offer  a “Pope” profile, for instance.  (Yes, it would really be crafted by experts, but it would be interesting to compare with Kardashian’s.)

A university  might set up several for literature, creative writing, biology, psychology, physics, etc , to  increase the likelihood that students will find useful works in their specialities.   A bit like having access to the same University library, giving greater fairness in research options.

Other  options are the “Safer Traveller” –  provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in conjunction with travel agent organizations;  the  “Anonymous” profile – reflecting the on-line actions of all borrowers which use it; the “Average” profile. averaging the net; and “techie”, reflecting the search engine maintainers.

The providers of profiles could choose between providing  a fixed profile (to be updated when they choose) and one which updates as their profile changes.

Maybe users could graft a borrowed profile onto their record – have it used as the basis for their personal, changing profiles.  Maybe people could start to have multiple profiles, reflecting moods or areas of interest.

Profiles can be blinkers, true – but some webmeister could transform them into  new views of the world.