The Fat Man Is Coming … Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

There is a man you have never met –

though he has many “helpers” who dress in his uniform, use his name, and tell him what you do.  I have heard that any one of them could really be him.

He brings presents to the good people –

and we don’t talk about what happens to the bad ones.  I have heard that he has a helper called Black Peter who handles them, but that may just be a rumour.

He knows if you’ve been bad or good –

so be good for goodness’ sake!

He knows when you are sleeping, and will creep into your house when everyone is asleep –

even if you have no chimney and all the doors and windows are locked.  Parents never seem to hear a thing when he visits.

He will come into your room in the dead of night while you are asleep –

have you been really, really good all year?

Sweet dreams ….


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