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Stupid deaths, stupid deaths, hope next time it’s not you!

April 29, 2014

I always hesitate to press “Like” when items like the one below are posted.  I feel for the grief of their families, though there is a touch of “Evolution in action” there too.

Idea for an advertising campaign:  Introduce each of  a set of news items like this with “Use your phone while driving?” and end with the tag “…and, all over the world, people will talk about how stupid you were.”

(Thanks to Horrible Histories TV series for the heading.)  The linked HH video is flickery, but the end-pun bites.

Rural reality in climate change.

April 24, 2014

Below is a quote from a small farm which has had steady occupancy and rainfall-fed life for a century.  They have fruit trees and sheep.  They use a high-wate-efficiency dishwasher, and have a water treatment system which recycles all their waste water, run by solar electricity.  The saline groundwater has high metal content, don’t think that “salt”  in salinity is just sodium chloride, and purifying it is not that simple.  (I think maybe I shoukd do a post on “What is a salt.”)

Be aware of the lives of those who grow the wool and fruit and milk you use.

So dilemma time: 4 rungs left in the tank.  No rain for the best part of 8 months… driest summer in the driest state.  So we can stop watering anything but the horses and drinks for us, do the washing in Albany which is 120 km round trip.  Can’t cut showers down more than we do now, which is only if going out.  Washing up still has to be done unless we invest in paper plates.  But if the rains don’t come at the end of the week…we won’t have any water.  Or money to buy any, as usual.  If this dry season is in fact the new norm, as seems to be the case, we simply cannot live here much longer.  No bore.  All groundwater is saline.  They are putting a new water pipe all the way from East of Albany to the town site but that is slow renewal aquifers, and mostly “old water” from a time when the region had rain.  And besides, we don’t have any scheme water here as we are 11 km out of town , so it’s a moot point.  Climate change is very real here.  Enjoy your buffers people. My world could be your world very soon.


A Challenge for “Corporate environmentalists”

April 22, 2014

Many organisations paint themselves Green, and proudly “Turn off the lights for Earth Hour.”  I would like them to try a more lasting challenge:

Make unironed clothes an “Environmentally Aware” corporate fashion statement.  Those creases and wrinkles come from cleaning, which shows intelligence,   or from being packed neatly, which shows forethought – but what is the point of burning electricity to take out wrinkles?

How many kilowatt/hours power irons and clothes steamers?  How many hours are spent ironing rather than doing life-enriching activities?  This is insanity continued by the social pressure to “look Professional.”

Join the movement:  use Earth Day to bring a little sanity to your workplace – and your local school, and anywhere you visit where they want to look “properly ironed.”