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Urinary tract infection – Hiprex may help, but ware pain! (And see your GP, it can maskinfection)

June 5, 2018
Urinary tract infection, ouch. 3 days to medical appointment, not bad enough for hospital emergency, but disinclined to any activity…
Previously used Ural (urinary alkaliniser), as it helps keep enough urine flow to wash tract clean and start healing (by reducing ouch-factor in urination so one can drink enough water, I think).  I do not have a good response to cranberry pills, though some find they help.
Pharmacy suggested hiprex (hexamine hippurate) instead of urinary alkaliniser, as “it will kill bacteria” – but also said “Don’t use an alkaliniser as it stops the stuff working.” Tried it – even more ouch.
Checked online: Hexamine hippurate relies on acidity in urine to break it into ammonia and formaldehyde, and if urine not acid (likely if vegetarian/low protein diet) best to take 1g vitamin C with each dose, to increase acidity. So acid urine plus ammonia plus formaldehyde running over open wound in urinary tract – kills germs, sure, but not much fun for the sufferer unless masochist.
Should be dispensed with advice on pain relief!
After a day, and with added vitamin C, much reduced discomfort but trace blood on toilet paper.  Second day, well enough to get out to do gardening.  Two days after that got to doctor, test showed active infection despite lack of symptoms, antibiotics cleared it.
Would use it again if unable to get to doctor for a while.