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September 30, 2016



Let’s revive Corrigenda – but do it online

February 13, 2013

I remember getting a new book and finding inside a piece of paper titled “Corrigenda”:  a list of corrections, in page order, so the user could update the book.  I have also seen one with a sheet titled “Errata”, but I prefer the former term: corrigenda (corrections) include changes required to meet changes in the world since the work was published, while the word errata (errors) holds connotations of fault in original form.

In modern publishing, this service has been abandoned.  I would like to see new books have, near the ISBN, the  net address of a site where readers can question word choice and grammar,  report typos and errors in fact,  and see a list of  reported and “confirmed” corrigenda .  The site should also have an address for snailmail contact by those with no email.

This feedback would be valuable for the publishers  as quality-control for editors and proof-readers,  as feedback on reader interest, and as a guide for changes to subsequent editions.  It might be even more valuable for authors, as many modern editors seem to have very poor grasp of the rules and guidelines of formal language. (Well, the English language editors- I have no experience other languages’ puublishing.)