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Mad Jack Churchill.

July 4, 2014

A bloke worth remembering.  Not Scottish.  Honestly.  But he liked this sword and played bagpipes and fought in a kilt …

Was in 1939 world Archery competition.  In WW2 became a Commando, killed a German NCO using a bow and arrow; with his NCO captured 42 German soldiers in one night raid, one or two at a time; played the bagpipes as, with his troops,  moved out to attack; carried and fought using  a basket-hilted scottish one-handed sword.

After the war he qualified as a parachutist and transferred to the Seaforth Highlanders, before serving in Palestine as second in command of the 1st Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry.  While there he successfully defended a medical convoy from Arab attack while  in full dress uniform of kilt, white spats, glengarry and red and white diced stockings – he had come straight from a battalion parade.

Served as an instructor in Australia and, naturally, learned to surf.

Mad Jack Churchill, 1906 – 1996