Of War Service pensioner family (basic pension only ),  I grew up in a below-poverty-line but highly educated family.   I bullied Dad into applying for the TPI (unable to work because of War Service damage) rate after I checked out the rules as an adult , so their life was easier in later years.

Educated in Oz , University of Western Australia in late 1970s, interests in everything led me to drop Medicine and study humanity.  That covers everything from Art to Zoology –  so most of my learning is not in degree form.  On the side I look at whatever catches my attention: bright and shiney things for a jackdaw mind – e.g. Barbie’s milipede, pink and squirting cyanide.

With the universe out there and imagination within, who can be bored?  Humans! 

Pratchett’s Death speaks for many of us.

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